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The bulk Voice call is a common communication technology that allows you to take record voice messages to hundreds of clients. Within a short span of time, the voice calls often used for community alerts, notifications, and even use for business and promotional purposes. This is a more effective way that enables you to call mobile phones and landlines anywhere in India. On the other side, the voice call used for other purposes like political campaigns, customer surveys, mobile marketing, meeting alerts, stock alerts, EMI alerts, and so on. Of course, the voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages that can send to mobile and landline users across the country. The voice call service automatically involves in collection agents, utilities, shops and establishments, resorts and theme parks, supermarkets/emails, media business, voice broadcast call.

Our Voice Calls Services

They are automated calls and involves with automated dialing of multiple numbers at the same instance. This technology is wide reaching, and people are using the voice calls as bulk technology. It enables you to send Voice Calls services in known languages via mobile and landline numbers. The biggest advantage of bulk calls is to take messages to a large number of people at a time. With the extensive customization features, the messages quickly reach people of different backgrounds. By utilising Voice Calls services, it enables the user to activate lead generations for mortgage brokers, gets yes/no response, record and voice broadcast in your voice, collecting agents, knowing bank branches, booking travel agents and operators.


In fact, it deals with numbers that you send to a number and plays the recorded message. Some of the widely used voice call areas are listed below as follows.

  • Obtain a response from members, employees, customers, and prospects
  • Political campaign promotion, voter registration, vote reminders
  • Marketing products and services
  • Announcements
  • Confirm preset appointments, pre-scheduled meetings, and conference
  • Fundraising for social cause
  • Business pickup and delivery phone notification
  • Set as appointment reminder
  • IT support staff for alert escalation process
  • Set as appointment reminder
  • Outbound voice call IVR
  • Call scheduling
  • Hospitality

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